Evan's Story

Evan Andrew Bumgarner was born March 10, 2009 to Sean and Monica Bumgarner.  During her pregnancy, an ultrasound revealed an anomaly with Evan's heart. It had a double outlet right ventrical with ventrical septal defect.  His doctors felt like this was a repairable condition, but it meant that Evan would be born in Little Rock so he could immediately have surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital. After he was born, it became clear to the doctors that more was going on with Evan.  He was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 on March 13th, which coincidentally is also Trisomy 13 awareness day.

Nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit encouraged the family to take pictures but they were preoccupied with his care and the new knowledge of his condition and all it entailed.  Thankfully, the nurses at Arkansas Children's Hospital took a few snapshots for them.  Evan left this life and went to be with our Father in Heaven on March 16, 2009. 

Monica shared those photos with her friend Stephanie Freeman.  Stephanie recalled the time her firstborn spent in the NICU.  Cameras weren't allowed in the NICU at that time; however, the nurses took a couple of Polaroid shots for them. As hard as they were to look at then, now they are the only photos of the first days of her son's life. 

It was then that Stephanie had the idea to honor Evan's memory. She reached out to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkoma for help making the dream come true.  After discussing with Mercy hospital, RMHC contacted Stephanie to let her know Evan’s Project would become a reality on March 10, 2011, Evan's second birthday. It wasn't until she knew that it was going to happen that she shared the idea with Monica. 

Evan's Project is dedicated to providing cherished memories for NICU families through the gift of quality photography during this stressful time Evan's Project has attracted attention from photographers across the nation who are interested in bringing Evan's Project to their area.  Clearly, Evan's memory will live on not just with his family but with others through Evan's Project.

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