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Whatever the reason, time spent in the NICU is often an overwhelming journey for families filled with fear, anxiety, joy and sadness.  Many times, parents are so focused on their infants care that they forget about the importance of documenting these precious moments in their lives.  They don’t consider how much they will truly cherish these images years down the road.

In some cases, a little extra time in the NICU is all it takes to get the little one off to the best possible start.  For these families, photos are a wonderful reminder of just how far their baby has come.  In the most heart breaking circumstances, those early photos may be the only tangible keepsakes some parents have of their precious gift.  Photos play a very important part in the healing process for these families.  

Evan’s Project is dedicated to providing cherished memories for NICU families through the gift of quality photography during this stressful time. 

What is provided in a NICU session?

Photographers provide a complimentary session using the available light in each room.  A download link or an image CD with print release is mailed to the parent approximately 4-6 weeks after the session.  Our goal is to provide 6-10 images per infant. 


What does it cost?

There is no charge.  All photographers donate their time and talent. 


What if my baby has tubes and wires?

Most babies in the NICU do.  Please do not let this stop you from having pictures made.  Sessions are individualized based on the babies needs.  You will be amazed at the beauty in the images captured, even with the tubes.


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