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Thank You for your interest in Evan's Project, Inc.!

Why should we offer Evan's Project services?

For NICU parents, there is a roller coaster of emotions surrounding their infant's time in the NICU.  Most are so focused on their infant's care that they do not consider the importance of documenting these precious moments in their lives.  They never think about how much they will truly cherish these images years down the road.

In some cases, a little extra TLC from the NICU is needed to be sure the little one gets off to the best possible start.  For these families on the road to well being, photographs are a wonderful reminder of just how far their little one has come.   For other families, photographs also play a necessary and very important role in the healing process. In the most heart breaking circumstances, they may be the only tangible keepsakes some parents have of their precious little one.

What is our role?

As a part of the medical community, we hope that you will work with us to support and encourage Evan's Project services within your NICU, as well as help share information and spread the word about the Evan's Project with your nurses and staff.

When should the photographs be taken?

Ideally photographs are best done immediately after the babies are admitted to the NICU in order to capture the amazing details of even the tiniest miracles. Our services are offered to any family in the NICU at any time during their stay. Ultimately, the "when" is left for the facility and for the parents to decide.

What are the families provided with?

Participating photographers are required to offer complimentary sessions and a CD with print release up to 6-10 images. In lieu of a CD, families may request a download link to download images directly onto their computers.

What does it cost our facility to offer Evan's Project services to our patients and their families?

There is no charge to families or facilities for our services. Our photographers donate their time and talents free of any charge.

If you would like more information regarding Evan's Project services or are interested in offering the gift of photography to your NICU families, please contact Stephanie Freeman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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