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Is Evan's Project a bereavement photography service?

Our services are focused infants in the NICU at any point during their stay (not just those terminally ill) which could mean a 27 week preemie or a NICU graduate about to go home.  While beareavement photography is not our focus, we are sometimes asked to provide those services.  Each photographer will be allowed to tell us whether or not you are able to provide this service.  We recognize it takes a special gift to handle those situations and we want to make sure we pair those families with the right person for their needs. 

How do I apply?

Click the button below.  You should receive a confirmation email to confirm your application has been received within 48 hours.  Applications are reviewed by a Photographer Selection Committee appointed by our Board of Directors. We review applications because we want this experience to be a positive situation for everyone.  The Photographer Selection Committee meets quarterly to review applications. 

Why does my application have to be reviewed?

Although we understand Evan's Project is a charitable organization and provides sessions free of charge, we want to make sure that our members are held to professional standards and have a great technical understanding, experience photographing babies, and can handle shooting in challenging lighting situations that often accompany NICU session. Like any other organization, we want this experience to be a positive situation for everyone, Evan's Project, our photographers, and especially the NICU families, regardless of the fact that it is charity based.

What are the qualifications for photographers?

Infant safety is our primary concern in the NICU.  Many infants in the NICU are startled by flash photography causing their heart to race and/or respiratory distress.  For this reason, all Evan's Project photographers are required to shoot in full manual mode without the aid of flash.  We will also be reviewing the equipment you use to ensure the equipment meets the standards to shoot in these situations with little noise.  


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